Importing revisions

A revision manager creates the revision package in the business sandbox, in the context of an application overlay. You can import that package to Pega Platform to propagate rule changes to the production environment or first test the changes with a selected group of application users.

Business users can activate revisions through direct deployment of revisions. However, as a system architect, you can preserve or discard direct deployment revisions while importing a revision. For more information, see the PDN article Direct deployment of revisions in decision management.

  1. Click Designer Studio > Decisioning > Infrastructure > Revision Management > Revisions .
  2. Click Import revision.
  3. In the Import Revision Package wizard, click Import.
  4. Perform the following steps in the Import Revision Package wizard:
    1. Load the revision package.

      Upload the revision package that you want to activate in the production environment.

      1. Click Choose File.
      2. Select the file from your local directory.
      3. Click Next to advance to the next step.
    2. Select the revision package.

      Select a revision package from all packages included in the file that you imported. You can view information about each package to avoid an incorrect selection.

      1. Expand the Select package drop-down menu.
      2. Select a package from the list of available items.
      3. Click Next to advance to the next step.
    3. Review the contents.

      View all rules that were modified as a result of the revision management process. You can also view the rule update information and any comments provided while submitting modifications as part of change requests.

      • Click View Comments to display any annotations or remarks associated with a rule change.
      • Click Next to advance to the next step.
    4. Deploy the revision package.

      Test the changes or deploy the revision without testing.

      Perform one of the following actions:

      • Test the revision:
        1. Select Deploy for at least one test user.

        2. Select the test operators. Only the operators whose default access group corresponds to the application where the revision is imported can test revisions. If no test operators are available, you are the test operator.
        3. Click Test. The revision is deployed for test operators. Its status changes to Testing.
      • Activate the revision for all users without testing:
        1. Select Deploy and activate for all users.

        2. Click Activate. The revision is deployed and its status changes to Active.