Rolling back revisions

You can roll back revisions that are already in production. You might do this when you find serious issues with the new application version that were not discovered during testing.

When a revision is rolled back, the system withdraws this revision from the production environment and restores the previous active revision.

  1. Click Designer Studio > Decisioning > Infrastructure > Revision Management > Revisions.
  2. Click Roll-back next to the active revision that you want to withdraw. The revision status changes to Rolled back.

Revision rollback causes the following system behavior:

  • A new application version is created. The new application is the same as the last active application version prior to the revision import that created the application version that is now rolled back. For example, if you roll back application version 01.01.02, the new application version number is 01.01.03 and the contents of that application version are identical to version 01.01.01.
  • The new application version is active.
  • All access groups for which the revision was activated point to the new application version.
  • All overlay applications, including the direct deployment overlay, point to the new application version.