Apache Ignite client-server clustering topology

Client-server mode that uses Apache Ignite is a clustering topology that separates Pega Platform processes from cluster communication and distributed features. Clustering technology has separate resources and uses a different JVM from Pega Platform.

Client-server mode provides greater cluster stability in large clusters and supports the ability for servers and clients to be separately scaled up. Use this mode for large production environments that consist of more than five cluster nodes or if you experience cluster instability even in clusters that contain fewer nodes. The number of nodes in the cluster that can lead to cluster instability depends on your environment, and switching to client-server mode should be determined individually.

  • Client nodes - Pega Platform nodes that perform application jobs and call the Apache Ignite client to facilitate communication between Pega Platform and the Apache Ignite servers.
  • Servers - The stand-alone Apache Ignite servers that provide base clustering capabilities, including communication between the nodes and distributed features. You need at least three Apache Ignite servers in a cluster.

To enable client-server mode, refer to the appropriate installation or upgrade guides and perform additional actions. For more information, see Installing Pega Platform in Apache Ignite client-server mode and Upgrading Pega Platform to Apache Ignite client-server mode .