Upgrading to Apache Ignite client-server mode

Upgrading Pega Platform to Apache Ignite client-server mode

You can upgrade Pega Platform to use Apache Ignite client-server mode to obtain higher stability in large clusters. Client-server mode also supports the ability for servers and clients to be separately scaled up.

Before switching to client-server mode, back up your data. After you switch to client-server mode, all distributed data is lost.
  1. Upgrade your Pega Platform by following the appropriate Pega Platform Upgrade Guide and selecting rolling restart. For more information, see Performing a rolling upgrade (rolling restart).
  2. Before you configure the application server, open additional ports in the range of 47100-47109 for Apache Ignite stand-alone server communication.
  3. Start the stand-alone Apache Ignite servers before upgrading the nodes. The upgraded nodes must have a server cluster to connect to. For more information, see Deploying and starting the Apache Ignite servers.
  4. Switch to Apache Ignite client-server mode from the default embedded Hazelcast mode by editing the prconfig.xml file for each node that you upgrade before you start the node.
    • Edit the prconfig.xml file and add the following settings:

      • <env name="cluster/clientserver/clientmode" value="true" />

      • <env name="identification/cluster/protocol" value="ignite" />

    The new settings switch the Apache Ignite cluster protocol and force the Pega Platform node to start in client mode.