Switching back to embedded mode from Apache Ignite client-server mode

If you use Apache Ignite client-server mode, you can switch back to embedded mode by performing a rolling upgrade (rolling restart).

Back up the data before switching to embedded mode. After switching back to embedded mode from client-server mode, all distributed data is lost. The distributed data is in the stand-alone Apache Ignite server cluster that is shut down after the mode is switched back to embedded mode.
  1. Upgrade your Pega Platform by following the appropriate Pega Platform Upgrade Guide and selecting a rolling restart. For more information, see Performing a rolling upgrade (rolling restart).
  2. Modify the prconfig.xml file for each node that you upgrade before you start the node, and remove the settings that were added when you switched to the Apache Ignite client-server mode. Pega Platform is forced to use the default settings.
    • Edit the prconfig.xml file and remove the following settings:

      • <env name="cluster/clientserver/clientmode" value="true" />

      • <env name="identification/cluster/protocol" value="ignite" />

      Note: To specify the technology that you want to use in embedded mode, enter the appropriate setting for the cluster protocol (Hazelcast or Ignite) instead of removing it.
  3. Shut down all stand-alone Apache Ignite servers after all of the nodes are upgraded and no longer use the stand-alone Apache Ignite server cluster.