Node classification

Node classification is the process of separating nodes, segregating them by purpose, and predefining their behavior. By configuring a node with a node type during startup, you dedicate this node to perform particular actions by running only those agents and listeners that are mapped to this node type. For example, you can have a set of nodes dedicated to user requests, while other background processing can be disabled on these nodes to avoid performance issues for users.

To effectively use node classification, you must map agents and listeners to node types.

Node type associations with agents have no effect on the system if node classification is not used at startup.

You can view the list of agents and listeners across the cluster with associated node types on the Node Classification landing page.

To access the Node Classification landing page and view the list of agents and listeners with associated node types, you must have the pzSystemOperationsObserver privilege. To map agents to different node types, and create agent schedules, you must also have the pzSystemOperationsAdministrator privilege.