Setting maximum login time

To enhance the security of an offline-enabled application or of a standard online mobile application, you can configure the time period in minutes that the user remains logged in, before the application displays the lock screen.

For offline-enabled applications you can use all the security policies that are specified in the settings, with the exception of CAPTCHA and multifactor authentication settings: password, lockout, audit, and operator disablement. For example, when a user enters an incorrect password and is locked out of the account, you can also specify in the lockout security policy setting the length of time that the user remains locked out.
  1. Click Designer Studio > Mobile > Configuration > Application settings.
  2. In the Security section, in the Maximum login time period (mins) field, enter the amount of time before the application is automatically locked.
    Note: Enter 0 to disable the automatic log off feature.
  3. Click Save.