Including entity relationship diagrams in a legacy application document

You can include entity relationship diagrams (ERDs) in a legacy application document. By capturing class and property relationships for the case types and data types in your application, you can help stakeholders understand the implementation of your application.

  1. If you plan on viewing ERDs in the documents that you generate, ensure that your client has Microsoft Visio installed.
  2. Click Designer Studio > Application > Tools > Document to open the Document Application tool.
  3. In the Saved legacy document settings section, click the saved settings for an application document.
  4. In the Level of detail section, click Customize.
  5. On the Entity relationships diagrams tab, select the Include entity relationship diagrams in the document check box.
  6. Select the Create/Update check box for each case type and class that requires an ERD.
  7. In the Ruleset and Ruleset version fields, enter an unlocked ruleset name and version that contains the generated diagrams.
    ERDs are stored in binary file rules as attached .vdx files.
  8. In the Classes and Properties fields, select options that refine the level of detail in each ERD.
  9. Click Create selected.
  10. Generate a new document to test the changes.