Setting notification preferences

As an application user, you can control the type of notifications that you want to receive and choose the notification channels over which you want to receive them. The available notification channels are gadget, email, and mobile push.

By default, all the notification definitions in an application are classified into the following categories:

  • General - These notifications are triggered when case-independent events occur, such as a user following another user. Pulse notifications for profile posts, events where a user mentions another user, likes a message that is posted by another user, or follows other users can be set from the rules listed under this category.

  • Case type - These notifications are triggered when a case-dependent event occurs, such as a case comment being posted. Preferences that you set for case type notifications apply to all the instances of that case type. Notifications for case-related Pulse comments fall under this category and can be configured using the Comments on cases that I follow option available under each case. Additionally, you can also specify a different set of preferences for a specific case instance that overrides the case type preferences.

  1. Set preferences for general and case type notifications.
    1. In the Case Worker portal, click Profile > Notification Preferences.
    2. For each notification definition under the General or Case type category, set your preference for each channel.
    3. Optional: Set the frequency of email notifications to one of the following values:
      • Instant - Email notifications are delivered instantly when they are triggered.

      • Daily - Email notifications generated over a period of day are consolidated and sent as a daily digest.

      • Weekly - Email notifications generated over a period of week are consolidated and sent as a weekly digest.

      • Disable - Email notifications are turned off.

    4. Click Submit.
  2. Set preferences for case type instance notifications.
    You can set different notification preferences for a specific case instance by overriding the preferences set for the case type.
    1. In the Case Worker portal, open the case type instance.
    2. Click Actions > Notifications.
    3. Click Override at instance level to set preferences for this case instance.
    4. Update your preferences.
    5. Click Submit.
      Note: If you disable the Receive Notifications option, all the notifications are stopped including the ones that were set for specific case type instances.
What to do next: Configure Pulse, relevant case types, and mobile settings to support the notification preferences that you choose.