Adding a data reference to a form

Add a data reference to a form to prompt users with a list of data records. By using data references, you integrate data with cases in your application.

For example, you can reference the Vehicle data type on an accident claim form to display a list of car models.

  1. In the navigation panel of Dev Studio, click Case types, and then click the case type that you want to open.
  2. On the Workflow tab, click Life cycle.
  3. Click an assignment or approval step.
  4. Click Configure view.
  5. Click + Add field.
  6. In the autocomplete field that is displayed, enter a unique label.
    Do not use px, py, or pz prefixes in a label because they are reserved.
  7. From the first list, select Data reference.
  8. From the second list, select a display mode that is supported by your field type.
    • Optional — Users do not need to enter a value in the field to submit the form.
    • Required — Users must enter a value in the field to submit the form.
    • Read-only — Users can view the value in the field but cannot edit it.
    • Calculated (read-only) — Users do not enter values in the field, because a declare expression determines the value at run time.
  9. From the third list, select the name of a data type.
  10. Click the Gear icon and specify how a user can select records for this field.
  11. Optional: Add read-only fields to the form that are displayed when a user selects a data record.
    1. Click + Add field to data type.
    2. Select a property from the list, which is populated with properties that are defined in the data type.
  12. Optional: Drag a field to change its position on the form.
  13. Click Submit.

After you add a data reference to a form, you can reuse the field because it is part of the data model for your case type. At run time, the data reference is displayed as an autocomplete field that is populated with a list of data records. Users can search for a data record by entering text in the field.