Email account limitations

The following limitations apply to the email accounts in your application. Ensure that you understand how these limitations affect your application before you enable email approval or email instantiation for a case type.

  • You can have only one email account that manages case notifications, such as requests for approval, in your application. This email account is either the standard Default account or the account with your work pool name.

    As a best practice, create one email account per work pool and then use the Default account for validation.

  • You can use one email account to support email approval for instances of one case type or all case types in your application. If you want to use unique email accounts, you must create additional applications and email accounts for each case type.

  • You can enable email instantiation for only one case type in an application. Therefore, if you want users to create cases for more than one case type, you must create an application and email account for each case type.

Note: To minimize the steps that it takes to configure an email account, use the Email Wizard because it automatically creates the rules and data instances that you need to manage incoming email messages.