About Email Listener data instances

Email listeners provide the Pega Platform with the information it needs to route email incoming messages to an email service rule ( Rule-Service-Email rule type). They identify the Listener, the email account name, the name of the mail folder to monitor, the message format of the incoming messages, which email service rule to route messages to, and so on.

The following tabs are available on this form:

When an email listener routes a message that has files attached to it, the listener creates a page named pyAttachmentPage (of class Data-ServiceMessage ) and puts the file(s) on that page, using the properties pyAttachNames and pyAttachValues. When you use the Email Wizard to configure inbound email, the generated service activity is configured to extract files from the pyAttachmentPage and attach them to the work item as work item attachments.

To create email listeners and email service rules, use the Email Wizard. If you create an email service implementation without using the wizard, create the email account instance and email service rules before you create the email listener.


To review email listeners, in the navigation panel, click Records > Integration-Resources > Email Listener.


The Data-Admin-Connect-EmailListener class contains email listener data instances. They are part of the Integration-Resources category.