Connect HBase form - Completing the Service tab

Use the Service tab to identify the external system with which this connector communicates.


  • Hadoop configuration instance : select a Data-Admin-Hadoop instance with a configured connection to the Hadoop host.

Error handling

  • Status value property : select a property to hold the status code of the Connect-HBase method. The literal value Good identifies success. You can use the standard property @baseclass.pyStatusValue.
  • Status message property : select a property to hold status descriptions or return values from the external system returned by the Connect-HBase method. You can use the standard property @baseclass.pyStatusMessage. This field is disabled and ignored at runtime when the Intended for field is set to queuing.
  • Error handler flow : identify a flow instance to route work items that cannot continue in its current flow because this connector instance was unable to connect to the external system. The default Work-.ConnectionProblem flow provides one approach for handling such problems. See handling connector exceptions.

Processing options

You can allow connector requests from this Connect HBase instance to be processed asynchronously in parallel with the calling activity, or in background by an agent. The mode of execution of each connector request is determined by the Execution Mode parameter of the Connect-HBase method, as enabled by the values in these two fields.

  • Intended for :
    • immediate execution — the connector executes synchronously; the calling activity waits for results.
    • queuing (response will not be available) — the connector executes asynchronously, with calls placed in a queue. The calling activity continues without waiting for results. When selected, queuing occurs only if also specified in the Connect-HBase method.
  • Request processor : if you selected queuing in the Intended for setting, identify here a Connect Request Processor data instance that defines the classes and other characteristics of the queued connector request.
  • Test connectivity : test connection to the specified Data-Admin-Hadoop instance.
  • Simulations : create a simulator for this connect instance. See Connect Simulators.