Email Accounts – Completing the New or Save As form

You typically use the Email Wizard to create email accounts. Optionally, you can create a new email account by selecting Email Account from the Integration-Resources category.

The email account type, which is a second key part, defaults to Notify.

Account name — Specify a name for this instance. Begin the name with a letter, and use only letters, numbers, and hyphens to identify the name of a work pool (class group) used in the application. Normal flow processing uses the standard activity Work-.getEmailSenderInfo to send email. This activity looks for an email account instance with an Account Name that matches the class group of the work item.

Note: If the activity does not find an email account that matches the application's work pool, it tries to use the standard email account named Default.Notify. Configure the Default.Notify account so the activity can always find an account.