Creating a view for a data type

A view defines how field groups and data references of a data type are displayed. You can use views to perform calculations, display existing data, or build a form that prompts users to provide new information.

Views defined for a data type are assocciated with the data type, not with a case type, and are available wherever the data type is used.
  1. From the navigation panel, click Data types.
  2. Click the data type for which you want to create a view.
  3. Click the Views tab.
  4. Click Create new view or click an existing view to update an existing view.
  5. To save time and resources, perform any of the following steps:
  6. Create new fields to add to your form, based on the type of information that you are collecting.
    You can create the following types of fields:
  7. Change the presentation of fields, based on the way that users interact with the fields at run time.
    The following fields support more than one presentation:
  8. Click Submit.