Viewing pages and properties that use a data type

To view the pages and properties that use a data type, do the following actions:

  1. Click the Data icon in the navigation panel to display the Data Explorer.
  2. Click the data type for which you want to view usage.
  3. In the Data Designer, click the Usage tab.

    You can review, not edit, the pages and properties that use this data type. Click a column header to sort the grid by the contents of that column. Click the header again to reverse the sort order.

    Click the triangle to the right of the column name to filter the list.

    If an entry in the Sources or References field is not zero, click on the entry to display a list of sources for the data pages, or a list of references that reference the data page.

    You can also view usage of undefined pages of this data type created during processing, such as in activities or data transforms. Pega recommends that you update your processes to use data pages instead of undefined pages to enhance maintainability, reuse, and guardrail compliance.