Logging for Pega Cloud schema operations

Operations performed using the Schema Tools landing page can be logged to a separate file from the PegaRules log file. To enable logging to a separate file, add the following appender to the prlog4j2.xml file.

<RollingRandomAccessFile name="RollingRandomAccessFileDBOPERATIONS" fileName="${sys:pega.tmpdir}/PegaDBOPERATIONS.log" filePattern="${sys:pega.tmpdir}/PegaDBOPERATIONS-%d{MM-dd-yyyy}-%i.log.gz">
		<Pattern>%d [%20.20t] [%10.10X{pegathread}] [%20.20X{tenantid}] [%20.20X{app}] (%30.30c{3}) %-5p %X{stack} %X{userid} - %m%n</Pattern>       
		<TimeBasedTriggeringPolicy />
		<SizeBasedTriggeringPolicy size="250 MB"/>
	<DefaultRolloverStrategy max="20"/>
<Logger name="SchemaDesignerLogger" level="info" additivity="false">
	<AppenderRef ref="RollingRandomAccessFileDBOPERATIONS"/>         

You can view the log file by clicking Configure > System > Operations > Logs > Log Files > PegaDBOPERATIONS in the header of Dev Studio.