Schema Tools

The Schema Tools landing page lets you perform advanced database tuning and maintenance tasks including viewing the tables, columns, indexes, and views in the PegaRULES and PegaDATA database schemas, increasing the size of text columns, adding and deleting indexes, updating database statistics for a table, and defragmenting a table.

The Schema Tools landing page is available to Pega Cloud customers using a Pega-hosted instance and a Postgres database. You need the PegaRULES:DatabaseAdministator role to access this page. In addition, you need the privilege associated with the task that you want to perform and the schema that you want to access. For a list of privileges, see Accessing database administration operations on Pega Community.

The landing page provides an audit trail of actions taken. Some actions, such as defragmenting a table might take some time to finish and run in the background after being started by the database administrator (DBA). The status of such actions can be checked by refreshing the landing page and by checking the audit trail.