Dedicated search indexes

Dedicated search indexes are property type-aware, per-class indexes that return the data type of each returned property. Default indexes are typeless, that is, all properties are of type string. Dedicated indexes let you execute queries with filters, date calculations, and aggregations directly in the query.

Note: Multitenancy is not supported.

How it works

You can create a dedicated index for any class that contains the class's descendant classes, unless a descendant class has its own dedicated index. You can configure individual properties in a class to be typeless, that is, they will be returned as strings.

A data type conflict occurs when an index contains two fields with the same name that are of different data types. If a conflict occurs, indexing is handled as follows:

  • If there is a conflict, the class is indexed in the Work- or Data- typeless index.
  • If there is no conflict, the class is indexed in the dedicated index.
  • If a property is added in production that results in a data type conflict, the class's index status is either changed to "Conflicts Found" until the conflicts are resolved, or "Recreate index" if the instances of the class have already been indexed. The status is displayed on the Custom Search Properties page for the class and on the Search landing page.