Creating a report definition

In Dev Studio, you use the report definition rule to create reports.

  1. Click Create > Reports > Report Definition to open the Report Definition rule form.
  2. On the Create Report Definition page (also, referred to as the New dialog box), you must complete the following fields:
    • Label: Specify a short description that explains the purpose of the report.
    • Identifier: Specify a valid Java identifier. Begin the name with a letter, and use only letters, numbers, and hyphens. Initially, the identifier is generated from the content in the Label field. However, you can edit the identifier.
    • Apply to: Select the class that the report definition applies to.
    • Add to ruleset: Specify the ruleset that you want the report definition added to.
  3. Click Create and open to create the report definition and open the remaining tabs of the Report Definition rule form.
  4. Define the contents and display of the report by completing the Report Definition rule form.
  5. Click Save to save your changes.
    After you save the report definition, you can run the report from the Actions menu to test the output.