Tracer event types to trace

You can trace the progress of various events that occur in the system by selecting event types to trace in the Tracer Settings dialog box. Examples of rules that produce events are flows, declarative rules, and decision trees rules. You can also trace events related to services and database operations.

For declarative rules, rows of the Tracer output show the operation of the declarative network, that is, the forward and backward chaining computations that occur automatically.

Label Description
Event Type Enter an additional event type as instructed by Pegasystems Global Customer Services and click Add to enable tracing for this type.
ADP Load Trace the background thread (requestor) that loads a declare page asynchronously.
Adaptive Model Trace Adaptive Models.
Alert Include Alert log messages produced by your Thread in the Tracer output.
Asynchronous Activity Trace asynchronous activity.
Auto Populate Properties Trace auto-populated properties.
Automation Trace automation rules.
CaseType Trace case type rule calculations.
DB Cache Show hits and misses for the rule cache and the conclusion cache.
DB Query Show each SQL query sent to the PegaRULES databases and its results, including expansion of the BLOB column.
Data Pages Show data page activity, including instantiations from properties, calls to data sources, and responses to those calls.
Declare Collection Trace collection rules.
Declare Constraint Trace Constraints rules.
Declare DecisionMap Trace map values (start only).
Declare DecisionTable Trace decision tables (start only).
Declare DecisionTree Trace decision trees (start only).
Declare Expression Trace Declare Expression rules.
Declare Index Trace Declare Index rules.
Declare OnChange Trace Declare OnChange rules.
Declare Trigger Trace Declare Trigger rules.
Flow Trace a flow. Rows of the Tracer output identify each flow start and end, each flow shape start and end, and the connectors (arrows on the flow diagram).
Interaction Start and end of a user interaction, as defined by the Performance tool.
Linked Page Hit Trace operations on linked pages that cause retrieval of the target page from a cache.
Linked Page Miss Record cache misses for linked properties.
Locking Trace locking operations. Tracer output shows each lock acquired and each lock released.
Log Messages Record each run of the Log-Message method that has the SendtoTracer parameter selected.
Parse Rules Trace Parse XML, Parse Structure, and Parse Delimited rules. Other parse rule types are not traced.
Predictive Model Trace predictive model rules.
SOAP Messages Trace detailed SOAP request and response messages for SOAP, SAP, and .NET connectors and services.
Scorecard Trace scorecard rules.
Services Trace service rules and service activities.
Strategy Trace strategy rules.
Stream Rules Trace all types of stream rules.