About Collection rules

Use a collection to model business logic and implement common rule engine patterns. Collections define an ordered sequence of rules, the conditions under which they execute, and post-processing steps known as response actions. The business-friendly options on this form help you to quickly develop flexible solutions that are easily understood by various audiences.

The following tabs are available on this form:

Where referenced

Collections can be called by a Collect instruction in an activity or a step in another collection rule. Collections can also be associated with specifications.


Use the Application Explorer to access collections that apply to a specific class in your application. Use the Records Explorer to list all collections available to you.

Enable the Declare Collections setting to view collections output in a Tracer session.

You can view the generated Java code of a rule by clicking Actions > View Java. You can use this code to debug your application or to examine how rules are implemented.


Collection rules are instances of the Rule-Declare-Collection class. They are part of the Decision category.