Sending Tracer output to a file

You can send the Tracer output to a file if you want to work offline with the Tracer results instead of viewing the output interactively in the Tracer window. In addition, you can suppress the event window to reduce network traffic and workstation load when you only want to view the output offline.

By default, the system saves the output as an .xml file. When tracing in a cluster, and more than one node reported events for a given RuleWatch, the system saves the output as a .zip file that contains an .xml file for each node that reported events. If only one node reported events, then the system saves the output as an .xml file.

For information about viewing the output file and to download a Windows viewer for Tracer output .xml files, see the Pega Community article Using the Tracer tool to summarize Tracer XML output in Pega 7.

  1. On the developer toolbar, click Tracer, or click Actions > Trace on an activity, data transform, or service rule form.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Optional: To suppress the event window, in the USER INTERFACE section, set Max Trace Events to Display to 0.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Perform the work that you want to trace.
  6. Click Save. The Tracer output file is saved in the local Downloads folder.