Setting breakpoints in the Tracer tool

You can set breakpoints to pause processing for specific steps in activities. When a breakpoint is set for an activity, the Tracer window acquires focus when you or the selected requestor connection starts the activity.

Note: You cannot view the clipboard when processing has reached a breakpoint because the requestor being traced has been paused.
  1. On the developer toolbar, click Tracer, or click Actions > Trace on an activity, data transform, or service rule form.
  2. Click Breakpoints.
  3. In the Class Name field, select the Applies To class.
  4. In the Activity Name field, select an activity.
  5. In the Where to Break field, select one of the following options:
    • 1 to break when the activity starts
    • the step before which you want to pause processing
    • all steps to break for each step
  6. Click Set Break.
  7. Optional: To remove a breakpoint, select the check box in the Remove column and click Remove.
  8. Optional: Repeat steps 3 through 6 to add more breakpoints.
  9. Click Close.