Setting watch variables in the Tracer tool

Set a watch variable to detect when processing has changed the value of a property. Focus returns to the Tracer window when your work changes the property value.

  1. On the developer toolbar, click Tracer, or click Actions > Trace on an activity, data transform, or service rule form.
  2. Click Watch.
  3. In the Page Name field, enter the name of the page or enter param for the parameter page.
  4. Either enter the property name without a period in front of it in the Property Name field or select Or Page Messages to watch this page for page messages.
  5. Click Set Watch.
  6. Optional: To remove a watch variable, select the check box in the Remove column and click Remove.
  7. Optional: Repeat steps 3 through 5 to add more watch variables.
  8. Click Close.