Creating REST integration

You can create data sources in your application by using standard methods to obtain data from external REST services. You can also configure the authentication for the data sources by using a basic, NTLM, or OAuth 2.0 authentication scheme. When you use the New REST Integration wizard to create a data source, the system generates the records that are required to use the data source. These records include classes, properties, mapping rules, data transforms, a connector, a data page, and optionally, an authentication profile, an OAuth 2.0 provider, and an access token.

  1. Open the New REST Integration wizard by clicking Create > Integration-Connectors > Connect REST.
  2. Configure the REST connection.
  3. Select methods for REST integration.
  4. Define the data model for REST integration.
  5. Update and generate records for REST integration.
  6. Review the record generation summary.
What to do next: