Integration Connectors landing page

Access the Integration Connectors landing page by clicking Configure > Integration > Connectors.

The Connectors tab helps you define and manage interfaces between a Pega Platform application (acting as a client) and external systems (acting as servers).

At the top of the display are the following buttons:

  • New Connector Data Source — Click to identify a new data source. Select from the options presented:
  • Disable Simulations — Developers create connector simulators to test connect rules in flows before the real data source is implemented, or when it is not available. See Creating connector simulators. Click this button to disable existing simulations.
  • Enable Simulations — If you have disabled simulations by clicking the "Disable" button, as described above, the button label changes to "Enable Simulations". Click to enable existing simulations.
  • Clear Simulations — Click to remove all simulations from the system.

The tab displays a count of connectors by category, and how many simulations in each category are active. Click a category name to see a list of connectors for that category, and click an entry in the list to display the connector rule form.

The following rule types can implement a connector :

Note: The rule type Rule-Connect-BPEL is deprecated. Use Service SOAP rules instead.