Generating records for SOAP integration

Review and update the information for your SOAP integration before generating records to provision the integration.

  1. Update the Integration layer section.
    1. Required: In the Name field, enter a name for the base class of your SOAP integration.
    2. In the Parent class field, select a parent class for the base class from the available options.
    3. Click Edit to update the identifier for the base class that the system constructs from the name of the parent class and the name of the base class.
  2. Update the Context section.
    1. In the Development branch field, select a development branch in which you want to create your SOAP integration or select No Branch.
    2. In the Choose application layer field, select the application in which you want to create your SOAP integration.
    3. In the Add to ruleset field, select New to create a ruleset and enter the name of the new ruleset in the text field. Select Existing to use an existing ruleset and enter the values for the Ruleset (required) and Version fields.
      Note: If you choose an existing ruleset that has one or more passwords set for it or its versions, enter any passwords that the system requests to proceed.
  3. Click Preview records to see a summary of the records that the system will create for your SOAP integration.
  4. Click Create to generate records for your SOAP integration.
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