Providing a WSDL document for SOAP integration

On the Load WSDL page of the New SOAP Integration wizard, provide a WSDL document that describes the external SOAP service.

  1. Upload the WSDL document by specifying a URL or file:
    • Select Upload WSDL via URL to enter a URL for the location where the WSDL document is hosted. If the server that hosts the WSDL document requires authenticated access, you will be prompted for credentials.
    • Select Upload WSDL from File if the WSDL document is not available from a URL. Browse through your local folders to select the WSDL document.
    Note: If you want to upload a WSDL document that contains links to XSD documents, ensure that you have uploaded the XSD documents in Configure > Application > Distribution > Import.
  2. Click Next.
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