Using the Collect instruction

Use the Collect instruction in an activity step to call a collection rule. Collections define an ordered sequence of rules to execute.

  1. Insert a step on the Steps tab of the activity where you want to call the collection.
  2. In the Method field of the step, type the Collect keyword, followed by one space and the name of the collection.
    If you do not know the collection name, press the down arrow key to view a list of available collections in your application.
  3. Enter a clipboard page name in the Step Page field of the step. This page sets the context, or primary page, for the collection when the step is executed.
    Leave this field blank to use the primary page of the activity instead.
  4. Expand the step and enter values in the Method Parameters section.

During the processing of a Collect instruction, the system uses rule resolution to locate and execute the collection specified in the Method field.

If any step calls the Stop method, the collection ceases execution and the Collect instruction ends. In this case, control is returned to the activity and the next step on the Steps tab is processed.

The pxMethodStatus property is only updated when a Collect instruction fails. Use the Tracer tool to get more details on how your Collect instruction is processed.