Clearing actions in the sync queue

From the system info pages of a custom mobile app, you can clear any actions that are in the sync queue. This action allows you to discard any failed actions while working in offline mode. This system info page is only available in a custom mobile app that is offline-enabled.

Certain actions can fail during synchronization, for example:
  • A case has been processed offline but while the custom mobile app connects to the server, the same case has already been processed from the desktop or by another app user.
  • A server validation error occurs.

If any actions fail, they are shown in the queue on the system info page. You can review error messages and clear rejected actions, individually or all at once.

  1. Log in to the custom mobile app.
  2. From the Settings menu, click Sync queue.
  3. Click Clear rejected actions to delete all actions from the sync queue that have been rejected by the server.