Configuring push notifications on iOS

You configure the push notifications for the iOS custom mobile app in a new or an already existing iOS certificate set that contains mobile provisioning with push notifications enabled. You must upload a .p12 file containing an Apple Push Notification service (APNs) certificate used for push notifications. After you configure the options described in the following procedure, push notifications will be enabled for the iOS custom app.

  1. If necessary, generate a new APNs certificate for push notifications for your iOS app from the Apple Developer Portal and save it to your directory. For more information, see the Generating mobile certificates for the iOS platform Pega Community article.
  2. Edit a certificate set that has mobile provisioning configured for push notifications. In other words, the certificate set should have the APNs field displayed at the bottom:
    1. If you have created a new certificate set, open a new certificate set.
    2. If you want to modify an existing certificate set, edit an existing certificate set ​.
  3. Set up the push notifications certificate by uploading a push notification certificate.
  4. Click Submit.
Note: After you configure push notifications for an existing certificate set, you can select this modified certificate set for your iOS custom app. For more information, see Selecting an iOS certificate set.