Standard reports by category

Additional standard report definition reports

Standard report definition reports in the pyCaseMetrics, pyOpenCases, pyServiceLevelPerformance, and pyStepPerformance categories provide information about open and resolved cases, historical views of step performance, and service-level agreement (SLA) status.

The following categories and standard reports are available:

  • Case Metrics ( pyCaseMetrics )
    • Case volume – ( Work-.pyArrivalsPastEightWeeksIC ) For the last seven days, provides the cases created per day grouped by case type.
    • Time per stage ( Work-.pyPipelineCompletedByClass ) Provides a stacked bar chart of resolved cases by stage with the length of the bar representing the length of time.
  • Open Cases ( pyOpenCases )
    • Open case timeliness ( Work-.pyAgeOpenByClass ) Provides the case-level SLA status for open cases.
  • Service Level Performance ( pyServiceLevelPerformance )
    • Open step timeliness ( Assign-Worklist-.pyAgeByWorklistTask ) Provides the assignment SLA status grouped by assignment.
    • User timeliness ( Assign-Worklist-.pyAgeByAssigneeByWorkType ) Provides the assignment SLA status grouped by user.
  • Step Performance ( pyStepPerformance )
    • Goals and deadlines by step ( History-Work-.pyAgeByFlowAssignment ) Provides the SLA status grouped by assignment.
    • Step duration ( History-Work-.pyTaskPerformance ) Provides a historical view of the time it took a user to complete a step.
    • Time spent in step ( History-Work-.pyTaskDuration ) Provides a historical view of the time spent on a particular step.