Configuring the display of a report category

In Dev Studio, you can configure the way categories are displayed in the Report Browser. By configuring the display of a category, you can customize the text for the link to the category and control the listing of the category in the Report Browser.

  1. Click Configure > Reporting > Components > Categories to see the categories in your application.
  2. Click the name of the category for which you want to configure the Report Browser display.
  3. On the Category tab, enter values in the fields to configure the display of the category.
    Options include:
    Report browser description
    Specifies the text that is displayed in the Report Browser as the link to this category.
    Display in report browser when
    Specifies a when condition that controls the display of this category in the Report Browser. This field is available for standard and shared categories.
    If you want the category to be displayed always, leave the field empty or enter pyOOTBVisibleInBrowser if the category is provided by the system. The pyOOTBVisibleInBrowser when condition rule resolves to true for these categories. You can edit this rule to resolve to false if you do not want any of these categories to appear in the Report Browser.
  4. Click the Open icon to create a new when condition.
  5. Click Save.