Creating a report category

In Dev Studio, you can create a category to classify reports. Categories allow managers to organize reports in the Report Browser.

Note: As a manager, you can quickly create categories in the Report Browser by clicking Add category. Use the Category form only when you need to configure advanced options that you cannot access from the Report Browser.
  1. In the header of Dev Studio, click Create > Reports > Category.
  2. On the Create form, enter values in the fields to define the context of the category.

    Options include:

    Describes the purpose of the category.
    Specifies a unique identifier for the category. You can keep the default value or click Edit to manually define an identifier.
    Owner Type
    Describes the type of the category.
    Describes the owner of the category based on the type:
    • For a standard category, the system enters ALL as the default value.
    • For a shared category, enter the access group that can see this category.
    • For a personal category, enter the operator ID of the user who can see this category.
    Add to ruleset
    Identifies the name and unlocked version of a ruleset that stores the category.
  3. Click Create and open to open the Category form.
  4. Click Save.

You can view all the report categories in your application on the Categories tab of the Components landing page by clicking Configure > Reporting > Components > Categories.