About Connect HBase rules

Connect HBase rules support interactions between the Pega Platform and Apache HBase data stores by performing reading and writing operations on a single row identified by the unique row ID.

The following tabs are available on this form:

Before you can connect to Apache HBase data store, upload the HBase client jars into the application container with the Pega Platform. You need different jars for particular versions of Apache HBase data store, so the jars are not in the Pega Platform database and they need to be uploaded.

Connect HBase rules are available in applications that have access to the functionality provided by the Pega-BigData ruleset.

Note: There is a new form of the HBase rule. While you cannot create any new instances of the Pega 7.1.7 HBase rule, legacy instances in your application remain functional. For details see the Service tab.


Use the Application Explorer or the Connector Definitions & Simulations landing page to see Connect HBase rules in your application. Use the Records Explorer to list all Connect HBase rules that are available to you.

To access the Connector Definitions & Simulations landing page, select Configure > Integration > Connectors.


Connect HBase rules can be created directly in your application through right clicking the class and selecting Create > Integration-Connectors > Connect HBase.

Where referenced

Connect HBase rules can be referenced in activities.


Connect HBase rules belong to the Integration-Connectors category. A Connect HBase rule is an instance of the Rule-Connect-HBase rule type.