Creating a Visual Business Director data set record

Store data records in the Visual Business Director data set to view them in the Visual Business Director (VBD) planner and assess the success of your business strategy. Before you can use this data set for storing and visualization, you must configure it.

  1. Create an instance of the Visual Business Director data set rule
  2. Specify time granularity. VBD planner uses this setting to aggregate the records within the specified time period.
  3. Select dimensions that you want to show when visualizing data in the VBD planner. To increase performance of the VBD planner, select only the dimensions that you need.
  4. Optional: Define additional dimensions for this data set to display when visualizing data by performing the following actions:
    1. In the Additional dimensions section, click Add dimension.
    2. In the Name field, specify a dimension name.
      The name must be unique within the current VBD data set and any other VBD data set in your application. You can have up to 10 additional dimensions in your application.
    3. In the Property field, press the Down Arrow key and select a property whose value you want to represent as a dimension level in VBD. You can select properties from the Applies To class of the VBD data set.
    4. To define additional properties as levels in your dimension, click Add level.
      The order in which you define levels determines the level hierarchy at run time; for example, the first level that you define is the topmost level in the application.
  5. Click Save.
    Note: You cannot change time granularity or dimension settings after you save this rule instance.