About eForm file rules

The SmartForms feature supports applications that work with PDF files. Your application can process incoming completed PDF forms, extract field data, and write the data into properties on the clipboard. The Pega Platform can also merge data from the clipboard into a PDF form, generating a new PDF document.

The following tabs are available on this form:

eForm file rules hold uploaded PDF form files that are used as templates when generating new PDF documents. Their corresponding eForm map rules ( Rule-Map-eForm rule type) specify the relationship between the form fields in the PDF form and properties in your application.

Where referenced

eForm File rules are referenced by eForm map rules. See About eForm Map rules.


Use the Records Explorer to list all eForm file rules available to you.


eForm file rules are instances of the Rule-File-eForm class. They are part of the Integration-Mapping category.

Integration-Mapping category