eForm File rules - Completing the Main tab

Use the Main tab to do the following.

  • To browse to and select the PDF file to upload and store when creating a new eForm file rule.
  • To download the PDF file to your workstation or display it in Acrobat Reader when examining or editing an existing eForm file rule.

Uploading a PDF file

To upload a PDF form file from your workstation into an eForm file rule instance:

  1. Click Upload File
  2. In the Upload File pop-up window, click Browse.
  3. In the Choose file pop-up window, browse to and select the file.
  4. Back in the Upload File window, click Upload File.

Opening or downloading a PDF file

You can download a copy of the PDF file to your workstation and then update it using image editing software. Alternatively, if your browser is configured to automatically display PDF forms in Acrobat Reader, you can examine the PDF file in Reader.

  1. Click Download File.
  2. Select Open or Save.
  3. If you selected Save, specify where you want the file saved.