Map eForm Rules - Completing the Mapping tab

A map eform rule creates a two-way mapping. When the Pega Platform extracts data from an incoming PDF form, it uses this rule to determine into which properties to write the field values. When a new PDF form is generated, the map is used to determine into which form fields to write property values from the clipboard.

Use the Mapping tab to specify which eForm file rule holds the PDF form the mapping represents and to define the mappings between form fields and properties.

Field Description
Source Form  
File Enter the second key part — the File Name — of the eForm file rule this mapping applies to. The first key part, the Applies To class, is the same as the Applies To class for this map eForm rule.
Extension Enter the third key part — the File Type (extension) — of the eForm file rule this mapping applies to.
Field/Property Mapping  
Field Name Enter the name of a form field from the PDF form specified as the source form.
Property Select the property that matches the form field specified in the Field Name field.

If you want to map field values to properties in classes other than the Applies To class, first create an entry for that class on the Pages & Classes tab. Then you can use the usual property syntax (pagename.propertyname) to reference the property.

You can't call a function or enter a general expression here.