Adding recipients for a notification

In Dev Studio, you can add recipients for a notification. These recipients are the users who receive the notification at run time.

  1. Click the Records Explorer and expand the Process category.
  2. Click Notification.
  3. Click the notification for which you want to add recipients.
  4. On the Notification definition tab, add users who receive your notification at run time in the Recipients section:
    1. In the Recipient data page field, enter a data page of list type that contains the recipient properties. Click the Open icon to create a new data page or to open the data page that you specified.
    2. From the Recipient type list, select Operator ID if the intended recipients are users with valid operator IDs, or users who are part of your application. For external users, select Email ID. External users are not part of the application and can receive email notifications only.
    3. From the Recipient property list, enter the property on the data page that holds the value of the recipient Operator ID or Email ID value.
    4. Optional: To add more recipients from the data page, click Add property.
  5. Optional: To add recipients from another data page, click Add recipients and complete the Recipients section.
  6. Click Save.