Configuring additional parameters for notification channels

In Dev Studio, you can configure additional parameters that the notification channels may require at run time. You can define these parameters as key-value pairs. For example, if you want to notifiy users that follow a case about a Pulse message in the case, you must add the instance key ( pzInsKey ) of the message as an additional parameter. The channels use this parameter to send notifications about the Pulse message at run time.

  1. Click the Records Explorer and expand the Process category.
  2. Click Notification.
  3. Click the notification for which you want to configure additional parameters for the channels.
  4. On the Advanced tab, in the Additional information section, click the Add a row icon to add a parameter.
  5. In the Key field, enter a key to store the parameter name, for example, PulseKey.
  6. In the Value field, enter a property that holds the value for the specified key, for example, PostMessage.pzInsKey.

    Click the Open icon to create a new property or to open the property that you specified.

  7. Click the Add a row icon to add more parameters, and enter values in the Key and Value fields.
  8. Click  Save.