Portal form - Completing the Details tab

For new applications, create composite portals for users and managers, or copy and evolve the standard composite portals pyCaseManager, User and Manager.

Field Description
Role Select:
  • User – To indicate that this portal rule supports application users who do not update rules. The style sheet and JavaScript files for this choice require substantially less memory on the user workstation than the Developer setting.
  • Developer – To provide portal capabilities used by developers or business analysts. While most aspects of Dev Studio are fixed, you can customize styles.
Type Select a type. The default type is Composite, which provides the most flexibility in development and the greatest support for localization and accessibility.

The available options depend on what is selected for the Role field.

  • For the User role:

    Composite specifies a composite portal.

    Custom specifies a custom portal. Specify this when you want to use an activity to provide the capabilities you want to offer to users associated with this portal rule. Use the Activity field to specify the activity.

  • For the Developer role: The valid Type is Composite, which specifies a composite portal.
Skin Select a skin rule to define CSS styles for user forms, report displays, and portal elements.

Select Default to Application Skin to use the skin defined in the Definition tab of the Application form.

Setting the portal skin to use the skin associated with an application renders the portal with the skin associated with each application. This eliminates the need to create multiple portal skins that correspond to your various application skins.

An application can be rendered using either the skin defined on the portal or the skin defined in the application rule. During development, you can override this by specifying a skin to be used when running a process from the developer portal.

The standard skin Developer is reserved for the standard Developer portal rule, which defines the Dev Studio.

Select Other Skin to specify a skin to using a property reference.

Harness applies to Select the Data-portal class. The Data-portal class contains all of the properties that are required for creating a composite portal.
Harness name Select the harness you want to use for the portal. You can also create a new harness for the portal.
Portal preferences Appears when the Role is set to Developer. Specify the navigation rule that displays when the Pega button is clicked. Enter a property reference for the desired navigation rule.