Restricting the years displayed

To make it easier for users to select valid dates, you can restrict the number of years that are displayed relative to, and including, the current date. At run time, only values that fall within the range of dates that you specify are visible on the calendar widget or available by using spinners or drop-down fields.

Prerequisite: Add a DateTime control to a layout.

  • For the Display Range option on the Presentation tab of the Properties panel, specify a number of years in the Previous __ years field, the Next __ years field, or both.

    By default, both fields are set to 10 years.

    When the Display mode field is set to Text Input + calendar and an application user enters a date that is outside the range of years that you specify with the Display Range option, the range of years is updated automatically to include a range of years starting from the entered year or ending at the entered year.