Selecting the date and time format and display mode

You can specify which date and time element selectors are displayed on the form at run time. For example, you can display a calendar widget with a corresponding text input field or display drop-down fields for selecting the month, day, and year.

Prerequisite: Add a DateTime control to a layout.

  1. On the Presentation tab of the Properties panel, use the Specify size option to specify the width of the control:
    • Auto – You let the layout determine the width of the control area.
    • Custom – You specify a fixed width for the control in pixels or as a percentage in the Width fields.
  2. Set the Date/Time option to one of the following settings:
    • Auto – Selects the proper format based on the data requirements.
    • Date Time – Displays selectors for both date and time.
    • Date – Displays a selector for date, only.
    • Time – Displays a selector for time, only.
  3. Use the Display mode list to specify how dates and times are displayed in your application. Your choice for the Date/Time option determines which settings are available for the display mode.
    • Text input +calendar – Displays a text input field with a selectable calendar widget.
    • Dropdown lists – Displays a series of drop-down fields for selecting months, days, and years.
    • Text input – Displays text input fields. This setting is available only if you set the Date/Time option to Date.
  4. Optional: To refine the display of the date and time, select one or more of the following options. Your choice for the Display mode option determines which options are available.
    • Display month in long format – Displays the month's full name at run time.
    • Ignore month and year position from locale settings – Overrides locale settings for users with locale settings that display the year before the month.
    • Use native control on mobile – Enables the use of native rendering on mobile devices. At run time, the date and time pickers use the mobile browser's native calendar date and time pickers.
    • Display value using read-only formatting – Displays the date according to your settings in the Read-Only Format section.
    • Set AM as default – Uses A.M. as the default when users enter times.
  5. For the Allow text entry option, click Yes (default) to enable the user to enter a text value in the field or click No to prevent text entry.