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Step 2: Select application rulesets

All your application layer rulesets appear in a collapsed menu by default. Click to expand the list of rulesets.

Include application layer ruleset

This check box is selected by default to include all rulesets from your application layer in the localization process.

  1. Select one or more application rulesets that you want to include in your translation packages. The translation package will include the list text strings used by rules in these rulesets.
  2. Select the Unlocked version where changes are saved if the wizard finds a rule that does not have localization enabled (locked versions do not appear in the list). The choice of version does not limit or affect the list of text strings that need to be translated.

Do not use a language-specific ruleset (ruleset name followed by a single underscore and a locale setting). For example, if a ruleset was originally in French (MyRuleSet: 01-01-01), do not select one that is localized for English (MyRuleSet_en: 01-01-01).

Include all PegaRULES application rulesets

Select this check box if you want to include Pega translation and export for custom translation.





Displays the language(s) you selected for translation in step 1.

Language Pack Available? Yes — The language pack was not installed when you began the localization process but you have since acquired and installed it. If you intend to acquire the pack before proceeding, exit the wizard at this point, install the pack, and reopen the wizard from the Translations in Progress option. Select this option and click Next. Consult Pegasystems Global Services for more information about available language packs.
  • No — There is no language pack available. Skip to the next step.
  • Action

    Select the check box to include a Pega translation to your application translation pack and export for custom translation.

    The wizard adds rules from the standard user interface PRPC rulesets to the TextToTranslate.xml file. If you are sharing these rules among applications, it is suggested that you create your own translation pack using a separate top-level ruleset. See the advanced topic "Creating your own translation pack" in About the Localization wizard for more information.

    NoteThe field values included are not exactly the same as those in the language pack and there may be some field values included that are not necessary. Before sending the translation package to the translator, open the TextToTranslate.xml file, review the field values, and delete the rows that you do not think you need. The best option is to use a Pegasystems language pack.

    Include field value from other rulesets

    (Optional) Select this check box to include existing base field values from other rulesets.

    The RuleSet field displays items to be included. Click add row to add rows if necessary.

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    Click Cancel to resolve the wizard item.

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