Application documentation

Create and distribute application documentation to engage stakeholders throughout the application development and distribution process. You can generate and customize different types of application documents, application guides, and guided tours, based on your audience and the status of your development project.

You can generate the following types of documentation for your application:

  • Real-time agile application document types use features and stories to create documents that help you socialize your strategic application:
    • Product overview documents Product overview documents contain the application description, high-level functionality, case types, data model, and personae.
    • Gap analysis documents Gap analysis documents contain a brief product overview and a hierarchical feature set that includes all associated real-time agile stories, bugs, and feedback items.
  • Guided tours highlight key features of your application. A guided tour provides users with information, instructions, or controls in a sequence of pop-up windows called tour stops.
  • Application guides direct users through a set of tasks. By providing instructional information about your application, you can help users to develop their applications more quickly.
  • Legacy application document types - If you use specifications to plan and implement your application, you can create legacy document types such as Application documents, Application profile documents, and specification documents.
  • On rule forms, you provide documentation by using the History tab.
  • On rule history records, you leave notes or comments by using the memo feature.