Specifying filter options for the Report Viewer

As a report developer, you can specify the options that case managers have for setting or modifying filter conditions in the Report Viewer. Typically, filter conditions display above the report results in the Report Viewer. However, you can specify whether filter conditions display, whether case managers can edit filter conditions, and whether they are prompted to change filter parameters before a report runs.

  1. Open the report definition rule form for the report.
  2. On the Query tab, click the Gear icon for each filter condition, and select an option from the Report Viewer options menu:
    • Allow any changes – You can edit or remove the filter condition.
    • Allow changes to values only – You can edit the filter condition.
    • Read-only, allow no changes – You can view but not edit or remove the filter condition.
    • Filter not visible in viewer – The filter is not displayed in the Report Viewer.
  3. On the Report Viewer tab in the User actions section, select the check boxes for the filter behaviors that you want. Options include:
    • Prompt for filter changes before displaying report – Prompts the case manager running the report for changes to the filter parameters before the report runs. A form displays the default values that you set for each parameter, and depending on the Report Viewer options for each filter condition, managers can update the values. Changes apply to only that instance of the report.
    • Display report filters – Displays the filter conditions in the Report Viewer. This option is selected by default.
    • Enable filter changes – Enables you to modify filter conditions that are editable. This option is available if the Display report filters check box is selected.
  4. From the Actions menu, select Run to run the report and view your changes in the Report Viewer.