Configuring an email notification channel

In Dev Studio, you can configure an email channel to send notifications to users. Users can reply to email notifications to post messages in a conversation.

  1. Click the Records Explorer and expand the Process category.
  2. Click Notification.
  3. Click the notification for which you want to configure an email channel.
  4. On the Channels tab, in the Email section, clear the Enable email check box to disable email notifications for all users.
  5. If email notifications are enabled, customize the email channel:
    1. In the Subject field, keep the default field value or enter the field value that holds your notification message for email notifications. Click the Open icon to create a new field value or to open the field value that you specified.

      Enter parameters for the field value in the Parameters section.

    2. In the Correspondence field, enter a correspondence template for the email message body. Click the Open icon to create a correspondence or to open the correspondence that you specified.
    3. From the Default preference list, enable or disable the email channel for all the users in your application. This value is displayed as the default option for the email channel when users see their notification preferences at run time. They can update the preferences as needed.
  6. Click  Save.