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Pega Marketplace Terms of Use

React Starter Pack

A Case Worker portal built entirely with a React framework, using the Pega Digital Experience APIs.

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This component provides a Case Worker portal built with a React framework that communicates with Pega Infinity entirely using the Pega Digital Experience APIs.

All form generation for assignments, pages, and views are based on a nested UI structure returned from API endpoints. This nested structure reflects the sections, layouts, and fields configured from Pega’s reusable UI templates.

Leverage this component with the included sample app or connect it to your own apps to see them rendered in native React.

For installation, configuration, and usage please see present in the zipped directory.


Key Features

Supported features using Pega Digital Experience APIs and React:

  • Basic Authentication
  • Worklist and work baskets
  • Get Next Work button
  • Opening Cases / Assignments from work lists and work baskets
  • Creating Cases
  • Automatic form generation based on flow action layouts
  • Usage of individual views (sections)
  • Moving an assignment forward
  • Refreshing an assignment based on changed values (to trigger visible whens, etc)
  • Displaying New and Confirm pages (harnesses)
  • Form validation on refresh and submit
  • PageLists

Supported layout types:

  • Stacked
  • Grid
  • Inline grid double
  • Inline grid double (70 30)
  • Inline grid double (30 70)

Supported field types:

  • Text input
  • Dropdown
  • Checkbox
  • Text area
  • Email
  • Date time
  • Integer
  • Phone
  • Display text
  • Button
  • Link
  • Icon
  • Label
  • Repeating
  • Table layout

Supported actions:

  • Set value
  • Post value
  • Refresh
  • Take action
  • Run script

Previous Versions

React Starter Pack Compatible Pega Versions
Version 1 (Download) Pega 8.1
Version 2 (Download) Pega  8.1.3




Compatible With

Pega Platform

Last updated

June 9, 2020

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